Menkawum Ngurra – “A good camp place”

Menkawum Ngurra: The Halls Creek People’s Church Frail Aged Hostel, is a 28 bed Residential Aged Care Facility in the Shire of Halls Creek. It assists both low and high care residents with day-to-day activities of daily living, quality clinical care and provides regular outings.

The main courtyard

About Us

Menkawum Ngurra operates in a culturally appropriate manner under the management of the Halls Creek People's Church through its Board of Directors. 

Menkawum Ngurra services Halls Creek and its surrounding remote Indigenous communities.


To excel in providing quality Christian care to the elderly and disabled people of the Halls Creek Shire.


At Halls Creek People’s Church Frail Aged Hostel, we believe:

  • Growing older is a positive experience.
  • Each person is an individual with unique needs.
  • Care services must be holistic and should recognise the physical, emotional and social needs of the individual.
  • Residents of our service have the same rights as they would in their own home including the right to be treated with dignity and respect and the right to make decisions and choices regarding their lives.
  • Residents have a right to safe and secure accommodation free from harassment and fear regardless of age, race or religion.